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ED Visas in Thailand

There are no official categories for the different types of ED Visas in Thailand, but they fall within a large spectrum of time validity

ED or Education visas are a sub-type of non-immigrant visa types. These ED Visas are intended for foreign visitors who wish to enroll in a study course at a school, institution, college or university in Thailand.

Officially known as non-immigrant ED visa, these visas are targeted at foreigners aged 12 or over, who want to stay in Thailand for attending a recognized full-time course. However, there is variety in the Education Visa category too. That is, there is a variety of time issued to passport holders depending on the course length and subject. Nevertheless, the longest duration time validity of an ED Visa is 12 months/one year. You can also extend your current visa by applying for an ED visa.

Visitors or students can obtain one of these if they enroll in a yearlong course in a university or attend an officially recognized course that offers this service to their students.

The Best Way to Get a 1-Year Education Visa

There are many education courses that can be selected to obtain a one-year ED Visa, many of which will teach you Thai or another language. These courses require candidates to attend class regularly and students much spend time learning Thai seriously because Immigration Officials do check for knowledge and progress in the language studied. Others services for a one-year Thailand ED Visa which is attractive to visitors who don’t want to spend too much time in class or learning a new language also exist.

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