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We Assist: Thai Visa

Need assistance with a Thai Visa?

Are you a short or long-term expat, digital nomad, non-immigrant worker, or tourist who just wants your Thai visa issues resolved? There are many agencies that advertise for these types of visa services. As a foreigner residing in Chiang Mai, you have a variety of choices. At Hand to Hand Combat School, we assist Thai Visa services too. Our school provides education visas for our customers in Chiang Mai and throughout Thailand. Since we began our classes here, we have helped thousands of students stay in Thailand and learn at the same time. This is helped by our knowledgeable staff, easy to follow process and friendly service.

Visa Assistance

We assist with all the paperwork, the lining up at immigration, 90-day reporting and everything else, so that you can relax and enjoy your time in Thailand. We will alert you whenever there is an important appointment coming up with immigration relating to your Thai visa, and take care of everything for you so it’s a simple in and out process.

With English speaking staff, we put emphasis on providing clear and summarized information, with only one aim in mind. To assist our clients to get through the complicated Thai visa regulations with convenience. We focus on Education Visa/Student Visa services but we can offer suggestions and provide assistance with other types of visas too.

Student Visas in Chiang Mai

There are been many agencies in Chiang Mai offering services relating to education visas but our students enjoy the flexibility of our training, with less contact hours, no fixed testing, and more relaxed teaching than in any other type of school. Our ED visas are designed for foreigners who wish to study in Thailand. You don’t even need to be based in Chiang Mai all the time. You can even arrange a student visa through us without leaving the country! We have helped many students who spend a lot of their time in Thailand in Bangkok, Phuket, Pattaya or other regional provinces.

The most common type of ED visa course here is Thai language, but if you don’t want to be forced to attend class daily, and be subject to strict testing there are some other options too, like self-defense/combat courses e.g., Muay Thai (kick boxing) and other martial art courses.

If you came in on a 30 day or tourist visa, even if you have extended it many times due to the current economic and political situation, you can apply for non-immigrant education visa. We assist you with the process, not only with the paper work, but also organizing everything needed for your extensions and 90-day reports. Our staff are knowledgeable, speak English at a high standard, and you can rest assured that your visa issues will be resolved quickly and with minimal hassle.