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How to extend your visa in Thailand

It Depends on Your Type of Visa

The most common visa types that foreign visitors extend to stay in Thailand are tourist visas, business visas, marriage visas, and retirement visas. Each of them has different requirements and documentation. Many of them also require a fee of around 2000 Baht, but retirement visa needs proof of substantial income, including a security deposit in a Thai bank of at least 800,000 Baht. Some foreigners come to Thailand as tourists and then get a job offer, in which case they have to do what is called “a visa run” to a Thai embassy or consulate in a neighboring country to change their type of visa.

I Don’t Work but Want to Stay in Thailand without Constantly Renewing My Tourist Visa

There is a student visa, also known as an education visa or ED visa. This is available for those who want to stay longer in the Kingdom and learning something useful. However, the courses, schools, or institutions must be recognized by official Thai departments e.g. ministry of education, immigration office. Those who are already in Thailand with the visa-free scheme for tourism may not want the hassle and expense of changing their visa which may involve leaving Thailand to a neighboring country however. This often requires a visit to a Thai embassy or consulate in another country, and all the associated red tape (testing, obtaining certain proof, quarantine expenses, etc.)

You Don’t Need to Leave Thailand and Get 12 Months Ed Visa

There are some schools that can provide assistance with Ed visa services without leaving Thailand. With the longest (12 months) period, Hand2Hand Combat School in Chiang Mai is probably the best choice for those who do not want to master Thai language or learn other subjects but are interested in barehand self-defense, which is really useful for protecting yourself. The staff who assist you in visa matters are government-related (former or current) officers. So, you don’t need to worry about forgetting 3 months report or renewal after one year has passed. For further details, on our Special ED Visa which you can obtain without leaving Thailand, see here.